The 10 most “lucky” people in the world when it comes to bad luck

Not every day is full of peace and luck to us mere human beings. Although sometimes everything happens perfectly, other things come to the surface in the worst possible way.

Some days bad luck insists on speaking louder and surprises us in a “spectacular” and frightening way.

The 10 most “lucky” individuals when it comes to bad luck
Toad flavor popsicle

When she got a popsicle to refresh herself, she could not imagine what was waiting for her. When giving the first bite in the “tasty” product, she came upon a toad’s leg.

Do not drink me

In a famous fast-food chain, a customer bought a soda, but when he tried to insert the straw and consume the drink, he noticed that the lid did not contain an opening.

Where’s my car?

An ice storm that occurred during the night caused the car to be totally taken over by snow and luck, its rear window was left out, allowing the vehicle to be located by the owner.

Who wants banana?

In a supermarket, customers were startled by the “toast” attached on a banana bite. When handling the fruit, it was verified that a poisonous spider circulated in the bench.

Do not enter

Aiming to interrupt the passage and “protect” the house, a snake nearly six feet long, it installed itself in the lock of the residence, making the passage through the place impossible.

Box of bees

Seeking to find out the oscillation in the electric power supply, it was verified that the place had been completely taken by bees and that they were already even making honey in the middle of the installations.

I had a computer

When lighting a candle, the owner of this computer did not pay attention to the damage that it could cause to its technological instrument. Positioning the appliance on the table, which nobody noticed, was the proximity he was to the candle lit.

I had a flat tire

A new, well-maintained tire was ripped for nothing more than a pliers. Beware of the ceiling

Not realizing the height of the entrance door to the parking lot and forgetting completely that he carried his bicycles with him, this driver was surprised by one of those inconveniences.



Many factors must match to get a successful photo. Professionals sometimes spend years waiting to capture those perfect moments in their cameras. But sometimes those moments can be caught completely accidentally by amateurs. In both cases, a simple photo becomes a masterpiece.

We found 32 photos where luck was on the side of the photographers. Comes to be surprised.

1 – There is nothing missing from this dog, believe it is only in the air.

2 – “Look at the order.”

3 – How much love.

4 – The beauty of bubbles.

5 – “Run that time! Not yours.”

6 – The Yin and Yang of nature.

7 – A giant in the immensity of the sea.

8 – A very positive truck. ‘It’s not a problem’.

9 – It seems that this kitten is not at all happy to share the ride.

10 – That vacillation that your dog enjoys.

11 – “Finally someone to listen to me.”

12 – A flying whale?

13 – A mother elephant protecting her cub from a bull.

14 – The flirting of kittens.

15 – One second he was, in the other no more.

16 – A cat with its majestic antler. Wait a minute.

17 – An unusual visitor.

18 – What is the probability of this happening?

19 – So much beauty in one image.

20 – That is an example of perfect timing.

21 – “Lost man”

22 – That’s the way the Japanese squirrels ask for alms, or rather food.

23 – Calm, we know that it is a little angel, but they are not his wings.

24 – An animal eclipse.

25 – That look of who is trying to understand how this happened.

26 – “Girl not wanting to scare you, but you better not look back.”

27 – Playing hide and seek mode GOD!

28 – This literally handles the Paranae.

29 – Only one landing on the Island of St. Martin.

30 – All is well with him, we swear.

31 – Throwing hot water into the air when it is at -30 degrees.

32-“He’s not flying, it’s just an extremely transparent sea.

So, do you have any perfect timing photos too? Share with others in comments.

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