Many factors must match to get a successful photo. Professionals sometimes spend years waiting to capture those perfect moments in their cameras. But sometimes those moments can be caught completely accidentally by amateurs. In both cases, a simple photo becomes a masterpiece.

We found 32 photos where luck was on the side of the photographers. Comes to be surprised.

1 – There is nothing missing from this dog, believe it is only in the air.

2 – “Look at the order.”

3 – How much love.

4 – The beauty of bubbles.

5 – “Run that time! Not yours.”

6 – The Yin and Yang of nature.

7 – A giant in the immensity of the sea.

8 – A very positive truck. ‘It’s not a problem’.

9 – It seems that this kitten is not at all happy to share the ride.

10 – That vacillation that your dog enjoys.

11 – “Finally someone to listen to me.”

12 – A flying whale?

13 – A mother elephant protecting her cub from a bull.

14 – The flirting of kittens.

15 – One second he was, in the other no more.

16 – A cat with its majestic antler. Wait a minute.

17 – An unusual visitor.

18 – What is the probability of this happening?

19 – So much beauty in one image.

20 – That is an example of perfect timing.

21 – “Lost man”

22 – That’s the way the Japanese squirrels ask for alms, or rather food.

23 – Calm, we know that it is a little angel, but they are not his wings.

24 – An animal eclipse.

25 – That look of who is trying to understand how this happened.

26 – “Girl not wanting to scare you, but you better not look back.”

27 – Playing hide and seek mode GOD!

28 – This literally handles the Paranae.

29 – Only one landing on the Island of St. Martin.

30 – All is well with him, we swear.

31 – Throwing hot water into the air when it is at -30 degrees.

32-“He’s not flying, it’s just an extremely transparent sea.

So, do you have any perfect timing photos too? Share with others in comments.

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